🌸Experience Japan for yourself! Get your Sakuraco box now and use my code “TWIX” for $5 off your first box! ~S P E C I A L T H A N K S~ Salon info: Sleep & Beauty bingo…



🌸Experience Japan for yourself! Get your Sakuraco box now and use my code “TWIX” for $5 off your first box!

~S P E C I A L T H A N K S~
Salon info: Sleep & Beauty bingo Dry head spa
ドライヘッドスパ専門店 mingo 福島店
Address: Osaka, Fukushima 5 – 8 – 12, Furuichi building, 2F
住所:大阪市福島区福島5-8-12 古市ビル2階
Menu I got: 60mins head spa, ¥6600 (10% off is applied ¥4980)
Esthetician name: Miku san
Salon type: everyone is welcomed!
Discount for my Subscribers❤️
Mention “ASMR Twix” in the beginning of your session to get 10% OFF!
Exact price will be ¥6600→¥4980
Book via website:
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*All the places on my channel require booking in advance.

The salon itself is very pretty and you will feel the relaxation right away once you step a foot on second floor haha it’s too blue which I love and everywhere is so aromatic like vanilla candy. you can walk barefoot or wear slippers if you want. Barefoot feels very cozy tbh.
Miku san was very cute and she has really nice hands!

it’s 3 am haha
Good night

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~Answers for FAQ~
1. I have been living in Japan for several years now. I’m a first SPA reviewer in Japan, entrepreneur, digital content creator and professional exercise avoider haha
2. For privacy, I prefer to keep my ethnicity, real name, address in private. You can call me Twix!
3. Why “Twix”? Me and my sister work on the channel together. As you know Twix chocolate bar has 2 pieces. My sister AKA Camsis is behind the camera. So we thought it would be fair If I add my sister’s name. So that is how ASMR Twix is born.
4. Camsis prefers to work behind the camera. I hope you will respect her decision. Please don’t worry about Camsis! She gets her own sessions off camera whenever she likes.
5. I don’t get treatments as often as I post them frequently. I balance treatments schedule considering my skin and health condition.
6. I don’t upload “Whispering” and “No talking” videos. Only Soft spoken!
7. All the places I show on this channel are not sponsored, they’re collab videos. I have collaborated with more than 150 beauty and health establishments in Japan. When I get sponsorship, I mention it as sponsored according to YouTube sponsorship terms and conditions.
8. You can visit all these relaxing places on my channel. 90% of the time there are special discounts or sometimes special gifts just for my subscribers. Mention “ASMR Twix” when booking and in the beginning of your session to use it. Please read the video description before booking to avoid misunderstanding.
9. Many of you worry about hair types, language barrier or just being nervous. BUT we always make sure to ask about these concerns in the videos. All of these places are foreigner welcomed spa and salons. All require booking beforehand!
10. How to book? Book via Instagram, website or phone call beforehand. Instagram is easiest and fastest way of booking in my opinion.
11. 80% of these spa and salons are women only. Sorry but that’s not my fault and I hope you will respect their decision. But male customer can visit with female partner/friend in most of these places. Please make sure to check it whether it’s women only spa or not. Easiest way of asking is sending a dm via Instagram!
12. Do I have any other social media? I upload self care, funny and more Japanese cultural content on Instagram too! Follow me on @asmr.twix
13. My P.O. Box:Japan,Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Dougenzaka 2-15-1, Noa Dougenzaka 309 room
Name:Sakura Nippon

I hope you had a fun reading my answers for FAQ😍

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