Do Cats Miss and Remember Their Owners?

Does your cat miss you when you leave the house? Do cats recognize and remember their owners? why do cats ignore us when we call them? And, do our cats understand that we love them? Stay tuned as we unpack…

Do Cats Miss and Remember Their Owners?


Does your cat miss you when you leave the house? Do cats recognize and remember their owners? why do cats ignore us when we call them? And, do our cats understand that we love them?
Stay tuned as we unpack these topics and more in this video.

Do cats recognize us?
Your cat not only knows who you are but they can tell you apart from outsiders and other people within your own home.
Cats even have a favorite person, preferring the company of one individual over others.
Cats naturally feel affection for those who play with them, feed them, or care for them, though they don’t always make it obvious.
But remember, research has shown that cats don’t recognize their owners by sight. Human faces may all look pretty similar to cats because cats are colorblind and nearsighted.
Instead, cats identify humans based on scent and sound.

Do cats learn their own names?
A study published in the journal Scientific Reports showed that cats do know their names—even when it is called by a stranger. In fact, cats may also know the names of the people living in their household.
This study suggests that cats are just as good as dogs at learning. They’re just not as keen to show their owners what they’ve learned.

Why cats don’t respond to us
If your cat recognizes your voice, why do they ignore you when you call their name?
Believe it or not, your cat is responding to you, but you don’t notice because the recognition is very subtle.
A cat won’t necessarily come running into a room like a dog. Instead, they will twitch their ears or tilt their head slightly, which denotes that they have acknowledged your voice and are getting on with their business.
Don’t take this personally as your feline friend is not ignoring you.
The lack of obvious reaction indicates that your feline friend recognizes your voice and feels safe. This should be deemed a compliment as the behavior suggests a secure attachment.

Do cats miss their owners?
Cats miss their owners while they are away.
Research has shown that cats feel safer and more secure when their owners are around, and may even experience stress and separation anxiety when their owners are gone.
It’s important to remember that cats have plenty of different personality types. When left alone at home, some cats sit by the window and wait patiently for you to come back. Other cats may show signs of separation anxiety, such as excessive vocalization, pacing, trying to escape, and eliminating outside the litter box.
And keep in mind that although cats are independent and strong animals, but they can also be delicate and sensitive.

Without the sense of security provided by their guardians, many abandoned felines may not know how to fend for themselves and survive. They may stop drinking and eating, and their problems can be compounded by the psychological effects and stress of abandonment.

Can cats sense our mood?
Cats are not only capable of recognizing and perceiving our moods, but they are affected by them.
Our felines spend large parts of their day analyzing us and reacting against our emotions and changing their behavior according to how we feel in the moment.
For example, a study by Oakland University researchers revealed that cats are more likely to show “positive” behaviors such as purring if they see that their owner is smiling. Frowning on the other hand was met with less enthusiasm.

How long can a cat remember a person?
It’s one thing to recognize you, but you might also be wondering if your feline friend remembers you, especially if you have been separated for any reason.

While it’s impossible to put an exact time on how long a cat’s memory can go back to, it’s believed that a cat’s long-term memory is indefinite. There are many stories of cats recognizing their owners many years later.

Do cats understand we love them when we kiss them?
If you kiss a cat, even if she doesn’t understand the traditional definition of the action, she will likely appreciate the gesture and feel loved. Human touch goes a long way with cats. Felines often adore attention and interaction.