Image to Lithophane

Transform your photos into stunning 3D lithophanes with just a few clicks!

Have you heard of lithophanes? These incredible 3D-printed objects create a magical effect when backlit, displaying a stunning image with varying shades of grey. And the best part? You can turn any of your favorite images into a lithophane with just a few simple steps. Keep reading to discover the magic of lithophanes and learn how to create your own.

From 2D to 3D: The Magic of Lithophanes

Lithophanes are a form of art that dates back to the early 19th century, where images were carved into a thin sheet of porcelain or wax. The effect was created by the varying thickness of the material, which allowed more or less light to pass through, creating shadows and highlights. Today, we can create lithophanes using 3D printing technology, which generates a similar effect by printing the image layer by layer, creating varying thicknesses that translate into varying grayscale shades when backlit.

Turn Your Favorite Image into a Stunning Lithophane

Creating a lithophane is easier than you might think. First, choose an image that you want to turn into a lithophane. The best images for this purpose are high-contrast black and white images, but you can use any image you like. Next, you’ll need to use a lithophane generator software to create the 3D model that you’ll print. There are many free online tools available, like, that allow you to upload your image and generate a lithophane model in just a few clicks.

Once you have your 3D model, you can use a 3D printer to print your lithophane. Most printers can handle this task, and you can find plenty of tutorials online to guide you through the process. Once your lithophane is printed, simply place it in front of a light source, and watch as your image comes to life in stunning grayscale detail. It’s a magical effect that never gets old, and it’s a great way to turn your favorite images into unique works of art.

Now that you know how to turn your favorite images into lithophanes, you can start creating your own magical works of art. Whether you choose to use family photos, landscapes, or anything else, the result is always stunning. So why not give it a try and see the magic of lithophanes for yourself?