Cat Tales

Tales and tails from real cats and their pets! Every effort has been made to determine and acknowledge copyright but with all the copying and sharing online, it ain’t easy. Comments to


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Let Them Run Wild

OPTEX Outdoor PIR Sensors have a Pet and Animal Tolerance eliminating false alarms that they may cause. Meaning a more reliable intrsuion detection sensor. #LetThemRunWild

Walking Cat Stock Video

Get this here: …included with our Unlimited memberships. Or download hundreds of other assets with a FREE account. This stock video shows a close-up shot of an outdoor pet cat walking along a path.

Chicken Jerky Bites

Making jerky for your dog is not a difficult process. These chicken jerky treats are a perfect example of easy dog treat recipes. This homemade dog treat is an excellent training dog treat. Most dogs will be happy to follow…